Wealth Creations Network is NOT a business opportunity!  We are a wealth builder’s club.

We are not in competition with your current or any other business opportunity.  We actually work behind the scenes in your behalf. Wealth Creations Network is designed as a mentoring program, marketing system and a lead generation tool that assists you in your business building efforts.  WCN will first help you identify what to market by finding your strengths and what you are truly passionate about, whether it is your current business opportunity or another.

You then use WCN and your new found passion to attract like-minded entrepreneurs.  Some of the people you attract will be interested in exactly what you are interested in and others you attract won’t, but that’s ok.  You still will be able to build wealth with them through WCN even though they choose to work another opportunity or follow their passion (just as they should).

Just by becoming a WCN Affiliate (which you can do for free), you will:

  • Learn how to get prospects chasing after you and your business fast, with free hands on, step-by-step marketing guidance for YOUR business (passion).
  • Receive personal and special attention to YOUR marketing needs with live training and Q & A sessions from WCN Senior Marketing Adviser, Joshua Rodriguez and WCN CEO & Founder, Selina Brantley.
  • Receive daily access to Wealth Building Specialists that work behind the scenes on your behalf to assist you in building your wealth.
  • Receive FREE tools such as a fully equipped auto responder, screen sharing software, conference call platform, capture page, and high tech back office to help you automate YOUR business (passion).
  • Access to over thirty marketing e-books that provide exceptional business building tips, techniques, strategies and resources. All books come with full resale rights as well!  You can even turn your e-books into live workshop events to guide you into creating better marketing strategies for your online business or opportunity.
  • Receive FREE entry into an accelerated wealth building vehicle that can produce monthly profit share checks, monthly commissions, and a monthly flow of silver and possibly gold American eagle bullion coins.
  • Last but not least – WCN is working on ways for members to easily make fast daily, weekly and monthly income simultaneously with your current business opportunity and your ongoing wealth building efforts.

So if you are interested in generating a continual flow of income in your existing business and establishing an ongoing passive residual income stream then we would love you to join our team at Wealth Creations Network so that you can build wealth with us.